The benefits of becoming a foster carer with St.Helens Council


We are looking for foster carers who have good support within their own families. However, we have very strong working relationships with our carers and always strive to support them when needed.


As we are a Local Authority agency, we are able to provide a very wide range of quality training courses.

Community links

Again, as we are a Local Authority service, we have strong existing links with local schools, healthcare providers and children's centres, making your experiences as a foster carer as seamless as possible.

Firsthand knowledge

As all children come into the care of the Local Authority in the first instance, our social workers have firsthand knowledge of the children, their families and their needs. This allows us to accurately match children to carers who are most suited to them.

Fostering 6

Geographical area

As we are based in the centre of St.Helens, we are able to provide a localised service, easily accessible for you as a foster carer. There are excellent transport links nearby which makes coming to see us for a meeting or just popping in for a chat that bit easier. Our carers who live outside the borough, who live in Wigan, Warrington or Halton for example, also often tell us that this helps them significantly!

Links to adoption

As St.Helens is part of WWiSH, Warrington, Wigan and St.Helens' pioneering shared adoption service, we have established working arrangements in place to support children who may be moving from foster care into an adoptive family. We also provide extensive support and guidance for foster carers who are considering adopting.

Links to the leaving care team

When young people reach 18 and may be leaving foster care to live independently, this can often be a time when they are very vulnerable. We work closely with the leaving care team to ensure that young people and carers are as informed and supported as possible.