Emotional Health

It is so important that everybody keeps healthy emotionally. We recognise you, as Care Leavers, have experienced a lot of trauma and difficulties in your lives that can impact upon your adult life.

Firstly, we would hope that you can talk to people in your life about any worries you may have. This may include your personal adviser, family, carers, social worker or support worker.

If you need any further support, here are some of the services in St.Helens that are able to support your emotional health.

We recognise that there may be longer waiting times for some of the emotional well-being services such as CAMHS and/or Mindsmatter. If you are in need of a more urgent service, there are voluntary agencies that can provide support. These agencies require a donation and the local authority as your corporate parent will fund this donation to ensure you get the support you need.

If you are in this position, please speak to your personal adviser and this can be arranged.

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