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Under One Roof

Under One Roof is the organisation that can help residents who want to access social or affordable rented homes. It offers one point of access to most of the rented properties in the borough. If you wish to join the Under One Roof scheme, you will need to complete a membership form and provide certain information such as proof of identification. Once your form has been processed, you will be made a member of the scheme and receive a membership number. Your application will be placed in one of the bands based on your circumstances.

Once you have received your membership number and you know which band you are in, then you can bid for up to three available properties that you are interested in and meet your family's needs.

How do I find out what properties are available?

Available properties will be advertised on the Under One Roof website. An advertisement with the new available properties is released every week.

All the organisations who manage social rented homes in St Helens (Your Housing Group, Riverside, Regenda, Helena Partnerships and others) also advertise a percentage, if not all, of their available properties through Under One Roof, making it the easiest way to find an affordable rented home in St Helens.

Who can apply?

While anyone can apply to join Under One Roof, there are rules regarding who can become a member of the scheme. In order to ensure that we meet housing needs and protect community safety, some applications may be refused on certain grounds. These may include:

  • People who have been convicted of using or allowing a property to be used for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Serious anti-social behaviour; for example, nuisance or annoyance to neighbours, racial or other harassment, violence and intimidation to the community/council or Housing Association staff/elected members.

If an application is received from someone who has a history of anti-social behaviour, for example, then they may be 'excluded' from joining Under One Roof and bidding for properties. Applicants who are excluded will be sent a letter detailing the reasons for this decision and have the right to ask for a review of this decision.

Applicants wishing to ask for a review must do so within 21 days of receiving the letter. We will then review the reasons for exclusion and decide if the decision taken is correct.

Supporting People 

The Supporting People Programme receives an allocation of funding each year from St Helens Council. We contract with some of the Housing Support Providers in St Helens, who in turn provide housing support to those who require it.

The Commissioning Body oversees the programme and its membership is made up of Service Managers from St Helens Council, Health and Probation services.

The service is offered to several groups of people, including

  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health problems
  • Young people leaving care or at risk

There is a wide range of support services available in St.Helens for vulnerable people who may need some support to enable them to have greater independence and improve the quality of their lives. This directory has been produced to help you gain information on what is available and how to access the support you need to live independently in your own home.

If you would like to know more about the services that St Helens Supporting People work with, then this can be found on our pages for Supporting People.

Contact us by telephone on: 01744 671608 or by email at: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk

Supported Living

The Supported Living service is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care and supported living services for adults with learning disabilities living in rented accommodation in the St Helens area.

Supported Living enables and supports adults with a learning disability, some of whom have complex needs such as autism. They may also have difficulty in managing their behaviour, so we adopt a multi-agency approach to promote positive behaviour management in a safe and ethical manner, with the aim of reducing behavioural incidents.

This client group is diverse: some people require minimal care and support, while others require intensive support due to their level of learning disability and/or physical disabilities. This type of support includes developing and promoting their independence in a person-centred way, providing support and/or direct personal care, carrying out safer people handing tasks, supporting people to manage their behaviour by following support plans, risk assessments and individual risk management strategies.

The overall aim and values of the service are to promote person-centred care so that people lead positive, fulfilling lives while promoting independence, social inclusion, choice, and overall control of their lives. The dedicated Supported Living workers and management work together as a team to help people achieve a full and rewarding life.

The Registered Manager is Melanie Catterall.

See the latest Inspection Report.

Some of our current providers clients who are contracted with Supporting People:

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The purpose of the Local Offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what services are available for children with special educational needs and disabilities in their area, and how to access them.

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